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En smakebit på söndag – Fallen, Lauren Kate

Igår fyndade jag en bokbox, de tre första böckerna av Lauren Kate i samma serie med titlarna Fallen, Torment, och Passion. Fjärde boken Rapture får jag köpa löst. Men boxen kostade 40 kr och böckerna är olästa (wow!) så nog är jag nöjd 🙂

Alltså får Fallen bli dagens smakebit hos Mari och Flukten fra virkeligheten. Vill du vara med, titta in hos henne och för fler smakebitar. Spoilers undanbedes.

collage fallen boxLuce barged in the fluorescent-lit lobby of the Sword & Cross School ten minutes later than she should have. A barrel-chested attendant with ruddy cheeks and a clipboard clamped under an iron bicep was already giving orders – which meant Luce was already behind.
”So remember, it´s meds, beds and reds,” the attendent barked at a cluster of three other students all standing with their backs to Luce. ”Remember the basics and no one gets hurt.”
Luce hurried to slip in behond the group. She was still trying to figure out whether she´d filled out the giant stack of paperwork correctly, whether this shaven-headed guide standing before them was a man or a woman, whether there was anyone to help her with this enormous duffel bag, whether her parents were going to get rid of her beloved Plymouth Fury the minute the arrived home from dropping her of here. (s.9)

But approachable or not, Luce had always had a weakness for the sublimely gorgeous. Like this guy.
He leaned up against the building with his arms crossed lightly over his chest. And for a split second Luce saw a flashing image of herself folded into those arms. She shook her head, but the vision stayed so clear tha she almost took of toward him.
No. That was crazy. Right? Even at a school full of crazies, Luce was well aware that this instinct was insane. She didn´t even know him. (s.38)

Och som med så många andra amerikanska YA-böcker där fantasy är ett vanligt inslag, blir även Fallen film. Troligen med premiär på bio i höst. Trevlig söndag!